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  • Dishwasher
  • High-speed Internet
  • Washing machine

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The enchanting Magnus Apartment is located on the third floor and is decorated with new and updated furnishings.
Our property is a true jem and we believe that if you choose to stay here you will have the vacation of your life.
The flat is composed by a nice and cute living room with a leather sofa, a kitche where you can find everything to make some delicious dishes and two bedrooms featuring a double bed the first one and two twins the second one. The two bathrooms feature a shower box each wc and basin.The fully equipped kitchen is furnished with dishwashe, sink, burners, oven, fridge with freezer, coffee moke, dishes, glasses, cups, bowls and pots. The apartment is also provided with air conditioning, a flat TV and washing machine. It comes complete with linen and towels. The whole ambiance is well lit up as there are many windows that make the space very airy and bright.
The accommodation is furnished with taste and great care. The Magnus may host up to four people and it is ideal for travelers looking for a vacation in the heart of Venice. In only a few minutes you can reach the famous Rialto bridge from where you can enjoy an outstaning and romantic view. The location is perfect as the apartment lies in the middle of all the important places to see in the charming city of Venice. We are sure you will be thankful to us for hosting you in such unique jewel in central Venice. Your stay will be the most memorable you have ever had as the apartment is highly welcoming as you can see from the pictures. Cannaregio, the most intriguing district of Rome is waiting for you to let you discover its unbeatable beauty.

Area description

The Cannaregio district of Venice is one of the few parts of the city where Venetians still live in great numbers. Canneregio is home to the Santa Lucia railway station. It's the most northern district of Venice and the gateway to the city. Home to the beautiful (Madonna dell'Orto), Palace of Ca' d'Oro and Tintoretto’s masterpieces. The Ghetto's Jewish Museum (Museo Ebraico), introduces the history of the first Jewish ghetto in history. Many restaurants offer some of the best cuisine in Venice at reasonable prices.

The Cannaregio area is the second most extensive “sestiere” ( a sestiere is one of the six zones of Venice, the equivalent of the district the other cities have) after Castello. The quarter stands out at the north side of Canal Grande, stretching over from the train station to the Santa Croce’s sestiere, by which is connected through the bridges respectively named Ponte degli Scalzi and Ponte della Costituzione.

The Canale di Cannaregio is the only other canal, besides the Gran Canal, to have its waters crossed by the vaporetti ( the boats that constitute the means of transportation in Venice). The origin of the district’s name is controversial. Some think that it is due to the presence in the area of wide beds of reeds (in italian the words is “canneti” at the plural) while other suppose the name derives from a little canal (canalicus in latin) that flowed into the Cannaregio’s canal.

The whole sestiere was considered very popular in the past ages. Up to the seventies Cannaregio was considered as not prestigious as it is today. Many companies had set up here their warehouses and plants. After some measures of urban renovation and environmental improvement the area has been completely renovated. Nowadays is silent, peacefull and residential.

Many tourists tend to understimate the value of this neighbourhood because they think the beauties of Venice lie only in the main and well-known places. You should be a local to be conscious of how much can get positive feeling walking around Cannaregio or even have an accomodation in on of the quite streets which lie inside its boundaries. The atmosphere is a special one.

The best way to visit the pictoresque alleys is by walking moved by a sense of curiousity. There is always a corner that make you want to see more. However, the most attractive part of Cannaregio is situated in the north side, waiting to be seen by people willing to know appealing places away from the beaten paths. Along Three parallel canals the enterprising tourist will find a very quite area near the northern shore of Venice.

In the middle of such calmness the traveller can take a brack far from the most crowded spots of the city. Taking time for a reflection and walking free of the daitly thoughts is the best way to get your time in this silent and amazing area . We invite you to walk through the deserted banks, on the silent streeets, and observe the special features of houses and palaces. Heading to the south side you will come to a stretch of canal along Fondamenta della Misericordia, here you it is easy to find a few valuable bars and places where to enjoy some food.

All of our Luxury Apartments for rent in Cannaregio Area in Venice are conveniently located to fully enjoy your holiday and to spend a memorable Vacation. Enjoy Venice in one of our Vacation Rental accommodations and you will have much more space than any Hotel Room, more privacy than any Bed & Breakfast, a "home away from home" unique experience. Check out our independent reviews from Flipkey/Tripadvisor.

Apartment Amenities

  • Washing machine
  • Bed linen provided
  • TV
  • Computer
  • High-speed Internet
  • WiFi
  • Oven
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Kitchen utensils provided
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Towels provided


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